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Beating the competition is never easy. Neither is running the gauntlet of a business start-up, which not only is a major challenge but can often prove fatal. Success for both depends on being a...

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The Benevolent Dictator

Monthly Archives: May 2011

Energy: Your most precious asset.

Most business people believe that money is their biggest asset, many times that’s not the case. You can have adequate capital, but if you can’t muster the collective team’s strength to move forward, money alone won’t get the job done. …

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Video: Winning.

We have all learned since we were about five years old how to be a good loser. However, few know how to be a good winner. Winning and succeeding are what we all strive to achieve, but it’s important to …

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Video: How to deal with business disappointments.

Every business no matter size or shape has periodic disappointments, it simply comes with the territory. The lessons to learn from every disappointment are: first how to prevent a reoccurrence and second how to turn a misstep into an opportunity. …

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Video: What did you learn today?

Time is probably the most precious commodity we have, so you want to make every minute count. This is especially true when you hold meetings. So what can you do to ensure that something actionable comes out of every meeting …

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Interview: ADWEEK Article

Dr. Max OfficeMax’s Michael Feuer mixes defibrillators and sex-enhancement pills in hopes of creating the ultimate baby boomer marketing scheme By Robert Klara Back in 2008, five years after selling his OfficeMax chain for $1.5 billion, Michael Feuer got the …

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Video: Outwitting the Competetion

If you want to outwit the competition, sometimes you have to let them believe they’re the smartest one in the room. Sometimes that means playing the dumb farmer in order to grow the biggest potatoes. (Click read more for video) …

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Column: Stop problems before they start

How to trust your instincts and not let the egg crack

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News Item: Feuer scheduled to keynote national sales conference

Michael Feuer, author of The Benevolent Dictator, will keynote the national sales conference of The Shamrock Companies, in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 17, 2011. In that presentation, Feuer will discuss how to look through the eyes of the customer to …

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