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Beating the competition is never easy. Neither is running the gauntlet of a business start-up, which not only is a major challenge but can often prove fatal. Success for both depends on being a...

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The Benevolent Dictator

Monthly Archives: June 2011

Interview: IndustryWeek offers Michael Feuer’s tips for managing rotten employees

When you’ve got rotten employees, what should you do? In this IndustryWeek interview with Michael Feuer, you’ll learn how to deal with those people.

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Interview: Michael Feuer talks about growth, start-ups and lessons learned

Michael Feuer interviewed by Rajesh Setty for the Bringing Ideas to Life blog as he discusses how to put lightning back in the bottle, growth and what young entrepreneurs should be considering when starting their ventures.

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Video: National Book Launch Party for The Benevolent Dictator A Success

Nearly 200 people packed the Barnes & Noble in Woodmere, Ohio, on June 23, 2011, to help celebrate the national launch of The Benevolent Dictator, by Michael Feuer with Dustin S. Klein, buy copies of the new book to get signed, and meet the authors.

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Book Review: “Every successful business demands a dictator” – BNet

Michael Feuer sat down with BNet.com, an online corporate management publication that provides practical, trusted resources for the challenges action-oriented business managers, leaders and influencers face every day.

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Book Review: Instant MBA says “read this year” to boost your business

A review on the on DigMLM’s site calls The Benevolent Dictator an “Instant MBA” and says you should read this book THIS year in order to take your business to the next level.

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Interview: Michael Feuer talks business with Forbes.com’s Dan Schawbel

In an interview with Forbes.com, Michael Feuer talks about entrepreneurship lessons that he learned, when it’s possible to turn an idea into a business, how entrepreneurs can create brands, and about The Benevolent Dictator.

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Audio: Five Sensible Business Lessons You Must Learn to Embrace: Michael Feuer on the “Kellie in the Morning” radio show

Michael Feuer appeared on the Kellie in the Morning radio show, broadcast on KVYN-FM and KVON-AM in the Napa, California, area. Mr. Feuer appeared on Tuesday, June 21st and discussed the importance of commonsense in business.

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Column: The dumbest farmers grow the biggest potatoes

There’s an advantage being the mild-mannered farmer with that “aw shucks” persona in business. Michael Feuer explains what that is, and why it may just be the best role to play.

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Column: Solutions 101 – How to be solutions-oriented and discover your “aha” moment

When things go wrong, CEOs face seemingly two herculean tasks: Figure out what the heck is going on, and develop a viable solution to the problem. How do you stack up?

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