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Article: Seven Tips for Streamlining Company Communications

If you don’t think that our society is experiencing a communication overload, you really are living under a rock. We can (over)share every aspect of our lives in real time via social media. We can record all of the ups and downs of our personal sagas through blogs. We can call or text anyone at any time. And the communication avalanche doesn’t exist just in our personal lives.

Today, it’s a lot easier to get in touch with coworkers and ask them for information whenever and wherever you need it. And you can share every detail of your current project with your boss just by clicking “send.” We’re much better off than we were 20 years ago, right?

Well, maybe not. According to OfficeMax Cofounder, former CEO, and serial entrepreneur Michael Feuer (pronounced “Foyer”), innovations in communication sometimes make it more difficult to get the point across.

He tells TechJournal South about seven tips for streamlining company communications. Read them here.

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