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Beating the competition is never easy. Neither is running the gauntlet of a business start-up, which not only is a major challenge but can often prove fatal. Success for both depends on being a...

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The Benevolent Dictator

ARTICLE: ‘The Benevolent Dictator’ at Eagle Rock Elementary

Principal Josè Posada turns to the business world to sharpen his educational mission…and he’s using Michael Feuer’s The Benevolent Dictator to help him at Eagle Rock Elementary.

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ARTICLE: Feuer’s Max-Wellness store-within-a-hospital concept lauded for its innovation

In this post on Junto, Michael Feuer’s Max-Wellness store-within-a-hospital concept with Northeast Ohio’s Lake Hospital System is analyzed for its innovation and first-in-the-nation vision.

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ARTICLE: Michael Feuer named to the Naples 10

Michael Feuer, founder of Max-Wellness, has been named one of the 10 most interesting and influential Naples, Florida, residents by Naples Illustrated.

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RADIO INTERVIEW: The American Entrepreneur

The Founder of OfficeMax reveals how he did it, and how you can, too, in this exclusive interview on The American Entrepreneur radio program.

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SLIDE SHOW: Inside Building a Fortune 500 Co.

As the co-founder of OfficeMax, Michael Feuer learned a thing or two about launching and running a successful company. In The Benevolent Dictator, he serves up an array of advice on empowering your employees, building your business, and outwitting the competition. Here are four lessons.

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Book Review: When “tyrannical obsession” is called for

In this book review by Greg Patton, president and CEO, Sierra Vista Bank, Folsom, Calif., he discusses how lessons in The Benevolent Dictator apply to nearly any business leader.

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Book Review: Be A Benevolent Dictator

Hearpreneur.com: The Voice Of Entrepreneurs recently reviewed The Benevolent Dictator. The reader/reviewer said: “Great advice on business in general, tips on beating the competition.”

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Interview: Inc. Magazine Online Explores Why The Best Bosses Are Benevolent Dictators

In a Q&A with Inc.com, OfficeMax founder Michael Feuer talks about why CEOs need to be benevolent dictators when launching start-up ventures.

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